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Sammi Verbickas

A dear friend told me about this race in 2014; she always recommends the good ones! I was new to running (only two years worth of it then), and loved the idea of a Ladies Only race. We ran together, and along with my other coworkers started making our group bigger and bigger each year. I look forward to this race, annually, because it brings us back together no matter how far apart our careers have taken us. It gives us a great excuse to be together again for post-race food, for whacky costumes, for laughs... and I'm so grateful we find time for one another after all these years of doing it. The ladies at this race are so positive. I arrive with a smile each year, and leave with a full heart... not just for the day out with my best gals, but because of how the entire group goes above and beyond to lift one another up!

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